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Riding Boots

Riding Boots

Naturally, there are several types of riding boot. Here are the most common:

  • Paddock Boots. Sturdy, ankle-high boots for wearing around the yard;

  • Jodhpur boots. An ankle-high boot generally made with finer leather;

  • Tall Riding Boots. Calf or knee-high boots, usually made of leather, preferred by riders wanting greater leg stability, an elegant look, and protection from rubs and pinches from stirrup leathers;

  • Dressage boots. Designed for dressage riders, if you couldn’t guess, these boots are usually made of stiff leather and extend higher up the leg than other tall boots. These boots are popular because the stiff shaft helps maintain correct leg position and they look elegant;

  • Field Boots. A tall boot, commonly used in disciplines such as show jumping and eventing. Made with a softer leather than their dressage cousins they can also come with synthetic material around the ankle, allowing for more flexibility and freedom of movement;

  • Western Boots. These boots tend to have a lower heel, a rounded or square toe, and decorative stitching. They are primarily designed for comfort.

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