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Protective Gear

Protective Gear

Horses are flight creatures and they will sometimes spook or take off in reaction to something that they have failed to understand, be it a loud noise, a sudden rustling in the bushes, or a tiny flower that wasn’t there the day before. Whatever the reason, it pays to protect yourself while riding, so invest in:

Riding Gloves

Riding gloves come in varying thickness so you can find pairs designed for both winter and summer, and even some that limit tan lines – which is handy for hot weather riding – but the point of all of them is that they protect your hands, and provide greater grip and control over the reins.

Body Protectors

To not put too fine a point on it, riding can be dangerous and people get hurt. For this reason, back and body protectors have become more fashionable in recent years – and not only for children.

Body protectors are designed to absorb the impact caused by a fall, or a kick, or your horse’s hooves, should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself entangled beneath them.

There are currently three levels of protection in the UK, with BETA level 3 being the highest standard of protection. 

According to the experts, body protectors should be replaced every three to five years. And, following a heavy fall, the body protector should be checked for dents that might compromise its protective properties.


Hi-Viz Wear

Short for high-visibility wear, this covers clothing or accessories designed to increase visibility and enhance safety when riding. Popular hi-viz wear includes:

  • Hi-Viz Vests. Typically lightweight, and fluorescent in colour, hi-viz vests are worn over regular riding clothes and are easily visible from a distance. Vests also tend to have reflective strips or panels to enhance visibility in low-light situations.

  • Hi-Viz Jackets. Similar to vests, hi-viz jackets are available in bright colours with reflective elements. They provide more coverage and protection from the elements compared to vests.

  • Hi-Viz Extras. As well as hi-viz jackets and vests for the rider, you can deck out your horse in hi-viz exercise sheets, brushing boots and even brow band accessories.

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