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Tack, Riding Gear & Rugs

Pull up a chair, this list could get long.
Like with anything equine, tack starts out as a fairly basic concept before morphing into a world of variations on the theme that will turn every new item you learn of into an essential piece of kit that you can’t ride without.
The same goes for riding wear with perfectly reasonable polyester jodhpurs inevitably usurped by full seat silicone grip breeches with four-way stretch and UV protection. 
So, to avoid going off on any designer sartorial tangents, let’s start with a simple definition of what tack is – and then you can decide what you can and cannot live without.
In its most fundamental form – according to the Oxford English Dictionary – tack is the “equipment used in horse riding, including the saddle and bridle”. So, let’s start with them.


This is basically a seat on the back of a horse that is kept in place by a strap that runs under the belly, called a girth ...


If you thought saddles were complicated, you haven’t yet met the bridle ...


As this is the means by which your saddle stays in place, it’s a pretty necessary piece of equipment, but of course, there are many different girths to choose from ...

Stirrup Irons and Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup irons hold the foot of the rider and, as you might suspect, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of extra ...

Saddle Pads

Essentially, saddle pads are worn under the saddle to provide cushioning for your horse ...

Tack Extras

Halters, martingales, reins. lead ropes, leg wear, surcingles. The list goes on.

Riding Hats

Riding hats – helmets or caps – are an essential piece of safety equipment that are designed to reduce the risk of head injuries in case of falls or accidents ...


It used to be that horse riders simply wore jodhpurs, but then riding pants got technical ...

Riding Boots

Naturally, there are several types of riding boot. Here are the most common:

Protective Gear

Horses will spook, people will drive badly, and accidents will happen, but you can limit the risk of injury with protective clothing ...


You might think that putting a rug on your horse was a fairly simple affair … well, you’d be wrong ...

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