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When I was 12 years old, my farrier told me I had the gift of hands-on healing. He then nurtured this natural talent in me and it ultimately inspired me to become what I am today – a certified Reiki III practitioner specialising in horses.

Now, I know some people struggle with the concept of reiki, and that’s understandable because it isn’t something that is tangible. You can’t physically see the mechanics of it.

Possibly as a result of that, reiki tends to be something of a last resort for horse owners; something they turn to when other methods have failed or there’s nothing left to try.

However, science is not so blinkered to the possibilities. These days, they use reiki for cancer patients as a complimentary treatment working holistically alongside other protocols.

Perhaps more compelling, however, is the fact that there is no placebo effect when it comes to animals because they don’t harbour any preconceived notions. Therefore, their reaction when it comes is totally genuine. And that’s why I practice reiki on my horses – because I see the genuine good it does them.

So, what is reiki? For me, it’s a gentle, yet powerful form of healing that rebalances the natural flow of energy through the body to support and enhance its own healing processes.

If a horse has suffered any kind of physical, emotional, spiritual or behavioural trauma, equine reiki can provide relief for the horse, resulting in a sense of wellbeing and harmony.

By realigning and balancing the horse’s energies, using the techniques and methods of this sacred practice, reiki can help transform horses back to healthier and happier states of wellbeing following times of stress, pain, trauma or other blockages, past or present.

Furthermore, reiki can be beneficial for all breeds of horses and ponies, as well as their human companions. It can also be practiced either hands on or off, even distantly, depending on the horse’s preference. Every session is led by the horse.

My experience has shown that many horses quickly tune into the intention of a reiki session and soon come to love the feeling that they get from it, which is a sense of calm and relaxation. It is in this state that horses can find the release they need to heal and move on from anything they may be holding on to.

Because horses are sentient, sensitive, energy driven animals, they can truly benefit from this form of treatment, which seems to align perfectly with their innate nature.

My own horses have all benefitted greatly from reiki, and their reaction to our sessions never ceases to amaze me. In fact, sometimes they invite me to perform a treatment on them, as and when they feel they need it.

As I said, many people will not be convinced, but this doesn’t matter so much to me. I let the results show me that I’m on the right track when it comes to my horses and the horses I treat.

Andrea Justine Measor is a reiki practitioner
GOING WITH THE FLOW: Andrea and her horse Tsutsi enjoy a moment together





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