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Review - The TRT Method

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Let me be absolutely clear about this, I love Tristan Tucker and I love the TRT Method.

Tristan Tucker is a Grand Prix dressage rider from Australia, now living in the Netherlands, and from the moment he told me, ‘You are not the dictator, you are not the mummy, you are the mentor,’ I was sold on his way of training – and connecting – with your horse.

The TRT Method, has been knocking around for a few years now and, in that time, the website has gone through a number of style revolutions, but the core principles of teaching your horse to be responsible for him/herself has remained constant. The key message here is ‘every horse can be confident and relaxed.’ And it’s a message I have totally bought into.

Broken into bitesize training segments that cover everything from the initial groundwork foundation of the TRT Method itself to masterclasses in reducing tension, teaching the piaffe, starting a young horse and case studies, TRT Method has become a go-to source of knowledge and inspiration for me.

Having bought a young horse in 2021, I have been channeling my inner Tristan for the past two years, so that I might be the mentor my young horse needs. Having backed him last year with no dramas, I am happy to report that our bond is one based on trust and respect, and the TRT Method was instrumental in helping me connect with a fairly highly strung warmblood in a safe and reassuring manner that has served us both well.

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