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Review - Horzebods

I originally bought a ‘Horzebodz’ (horse onesie) for my horse, Mawy, in 2018, when we lived in Cyprus and he was struggling with fly strike on his hindquarters and his face, specifically on his nose.

I needed something that covered all of him and couldn’t be pulled off through itching or playing with other horses. The Horzehoods onesie did the job.

With ‘Breathable Antisweat 360 degree stretch fabric’ it meant Mawy didn’t overheat or become excessively sweaty from being wrapped up for considerable amounts of time, nor did he become excessively itchy – the added bonus of this material is that it can go straight into the washing machine and it dries super-fast.

Once Mawy’s wounds healed, the rug still proved useful as a general fly repellent. It also protected him from sunburn on the pink scar tissue left by his wounds.

Once we moved back to the UK, Mawy needed the rug less as a defence for his healing skin, but I continued to use it as a ride-on fly sheet.

Aside from being a fantastic defence mechanism against flies, I've found the onesie to be very helpful in preparing for competitions; because it's close fitting, it keeps Mawy’s mane smooth, his tail flat and glossy, and a permanent shine on his coat that’s free from stains. It's worth mentioning that Mawy is bay, so I can't speak to its ability to keep grey horses stain free.

I've now had this particular rug for five years and it's still going strong. Clearly, I highly recommend it, and I have bought a second one – in purple for Darcey.

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