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Review - FiltaBac

About a year ago, my horse started to suffer from sweet itch under his belly, around his sheath area and on the inside top of his front legs. I went into a mild state of panic and bought about every product going to try and help. It was during this buying period that I stumbled across FiltaBac online, and decided to give it go!

The biggest problem I have is that because we live in a warm climate, flies are a massive irritant, and I just couldn’t find anything to keep them away from the sore areas which my horse was creating through self-trauma, though caused initially by sweet itch. Fly repellent is obviously great – and essential – however, it can’t be applied directly onto these sore areas.

And this is where FiltaBac saved us!

A thick white cream that once applied actually stays in place, FiltaBac provides a barrier against external contaminates, including insects. It also acts like a second skin over wounds which promotes healing. I find it really easy to apply, and as its white and my horse is black, it’s easy to see where it has already been placed.

For us, it has been a life saver, and the combination of FiltaBac and an eczema rug has meant that I have a happy horse whose sweet itch is now treatable and bearable.

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