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Review - Eqclusive Universal Shining Pack

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

I wasn’t looking to buy new brushes – really, I wasn’t – but then I interviewed Marta Kotonska for MumsHaynet and I completely bought into the message she was preaching – and the brushes she was selling.

To keep things brief, because we have a deep-dive interview with Marta in our news section, Eqclusive offers different sets of brushes for different coloured horses. This may seem like a gimmick on first hearing, but when you look closely at your horses and their differing coats, and you see the brushes in action, the reason for this becomes clear.

As I have horses of every colour, I opted for the Universal pack of Haas brushes, a set that also comes with three handy leaflets explaining which brush is for which coloured horse, and in which order you need to use them. Again, this seems like a lot of fuss at first, but the glorious shine at the end of each session is absolutely worth the time and effort.

Of course, it’s not all about the shine. That’s only part of the story.

Recently, my ex-racer Lucky was diagnosed with navicular. It’s a life-changing development for both of us, as many of you will know, and my priority here is to see him adjust happily and healthily to his new life, whatever that will be. To that end, while we work out a new programme of work for him, I continue to make Lucky an integral part of my daily routine – and the ritual of the Eqclusive grooming technique is really giving us this important bonding time together. For that alone, the price tag of these brushes is worth it.

The Eqclusive Universal Shining Pack retails at £162.50 (€170.95, $207), and you can buy it here:

Disclaimer: I was given a 10% discount on the Universal brush set after interviewing Marta for MumsHaynet.

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