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I’m sure we’ve all wondered about what might happen to our horses should we die.

I’m equally certain most of us would have put those thoughts on the back burner because dying seems such a long way off … until it happens.

Now imagine knowing you only have months to live, and knowing that, you arrange a safe place for your horses to go to while you are in hospital. Then imagine returning home only to find your horses are not where you left them. They’ve vanished. Gone. And no one is telling you a damn thing.

Well, this is the heartache experienced by Kate Brand, a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer last summer who relied on a pal to take care of two of her horses while she underwent chemotherapy.

Now, this wasn’t a stranger or a new acquaintance. Kate says she had been friendly with the woman for four years prior to her terminal cancer diagnosis.

And yet, this friend – says Kate – sold her horses without her knowledge and, in doing so, not only broke Kate’s heart, but made one of her biggest fears a nightmare reality. The not knowing what has happened to the horses she loved.

Now, thanks to the detective work of a good woman with a huge heart, Kate has tracked down one of her horses, Ramona. Whether the new owner will allow Kate a final goodbye, we are yet to hear. Meanwhile, Regan – Kate’s bay TB x Sec D – is said to have passed away.

Kate doesn’t believe a word of it, and who can blame her.

Sadly, for Kate, the truth may never be revealed or, at least, never be revealed in the lifetime she has left.

It’s also a tragic situation for two horses that were loved and, somehow, lost.

According to the police, the case of Kate’s missing horses is a matter for the civil court not criminal court. But civil court cases take time, and that’s not a luxury Kate has.

So, if there’s one thing to be learned from this whole sorry saga is that peace of mind requires legal minds. As convenient as it might be to trust a friend either permanently or temporarily with your horse, make sure your wishes are legally binding. It might seem unnecessary – and possibly awkward – but better the expense and the embarrassment than the not knowing.



And Farewell…

Eventing lost one of its brightest stars last Sunday when Georgie Campbell fatally fell at Bicton Horse trials.

This weekend, a two-minute silence will be held at all British Eventing events to reflect on Georgie’s life.

If you want to send your own thoughts and prayers to Georgie’s family and friends – no matter where you are in the world – the act of remembrance will take place at noon (GMT).



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