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Award-winning photographer Drew Doggett explores the beauty of horses in his latest book – capturing the very essence of these incredible creatures whether they are roaming free in the wild or competing on the international stage.

A coffee-table book of rare beauty, Untamed Spirits: Horses From Around the World, is a work of art that oozes charm and photographic excellence in equal measure.

From the snow-swept landscapes of Iceland to the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and the rugged marshlands of the South of France, Doggett sheds new light on a well-worn theme with a skill honed from his time working as a fashion photographer.

“Fashion photographers are some of the most technically proficient out there, with an immense understanding of what the slightest change in light can do to the overall nature of an image,” says Doggett.

“In these situations, I learned how to use photography to reveal a deeper understanding of the subject while developing my visual language.

“When I first started photographing horses, the wild breeds were my fixation. Yet, from wild to semi-wild to polo, hunter jumper, and dressage horses, I’ve found connections that bisect boundaries and levels of domestication and transcend the individual stories of each series.”

Untamed Spirits is an equine eye-fest crammed with 100 images, a feat that publisher teNeues describes as “the most in-depth and comprehensive exploration of horses of its kind.”

Featuring horses from across the globe, including Icelandic horses standing majestic beneath ice-cold waterfalls and rescue horses enjoying water therapy in the West Indies, Doggett’s images bounce off the page, exuding a strength and beauty that has enthralled man from the beginning of time.

Detailing the background of each set of photographs, while providing information about the breeds pictured, Untamed Spirits is an interesting insight into worlds we only partly know.

“I’ve photographed horses on glaciers, near waterfalls, in the snow, in the rain, underwater, on volcanic black beaches, pristine white sand beaches, in stables with studio lights against backdrops, and in the wild at dusk, sunrise, and every moment in between,” says Doggett.

“Horses have become an enduring and compelling subject I am consistently drawn to document.”

To buy Untamed Spirits: Horses From Around The World and see more of Drew Doggett’s work click here.


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