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Review - Dressage Rider Training

I’ve always considered myself to be reasonably fit and active, but when I embarked on my dressage journey with my new horse, I suddenly felt very lacking in that department.

The problem was my trainer was asking me to ride in a way that was completely new to me, and in a way that required better strength and control of my body. I was finding it tough, so I decided to investigate ways to get fitter.

That’s how I found Dressage Rider Training (DRT).

I was instantly drawn to the concept and idea of DRT and, from an initial look, I liked the way that Nicola, the designer and trainer of the programme, explained and showed the workouts … so I signed up and got started!

The programme itself consists of three 20-minute weekly workouts, with a support network to guide you. I don’t usually find it easy to stick to exercise at home, but these workouts are short and varied enough to keep me on the right path.

By keeping to the programme, I began to become fitter, not only in my body, but also mentally, and I felt so much better prepared for my dressage training. I know that my horse also benefited from the programme as I was so much more aware of my body and how I was using it while riding him.

After the initial programme, which was a 12-week course, I signed up for the next one, and the one after that, because I enjoyed them so much and found them so useful. So, if you are looking for inspiration to increase your fitness level in order to advance your riding, then check out the DRT website.

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