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Water Access

Water Access

Your dream equestrian property must have a reliable water supply for horses. You might also want to consider installing automatic waterers or troughs. And the reason why this is important? Horses drink A LOT.

A horse typically drinks between five and 10 gallons (19 and 38 litres) of water a day. Naturally, how much they drink will depend on size, activity level, diet, weather conditions, and their overall health.

  • Larger horses generally have a higher water intake than smaller horses, as do more muscled horses.

  • Horses that primarily eat dry forage, such as hay, are likely to have a higher water intake compared to those on lush, green grass.

  • Following exercise, particularly in hot and humid weather, horses will need to replenish lost fluids.

  • Certain health conditions or medications may also increase a horse's water intake.

As some horses will naturally drink more, or less, than other horses, it’s worth monitoring your horse's water bucket so you can better judge what’s normal for them.

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