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Tack Room

Tack Room

Yes, you can simply buy a cupboard and throw your tack in it, but as we’re dreaming big let’s explore the possibilities.

Ultimately, your tack room will want to be large enough to store your saddles, bridles, grooming supplies, and other equipment. Here are some key details to consider when designing and constructing the perfect tack room.

  • Size and Layout. The size of your tack room will pretty much depend on the number of horses you have (or will have) and the number of riders needing access. Choose a layout with designated areas for different purposes, such as saddle racks, bridle hooks, storage cabinets, and a workbench.

  • Storage. Ensure ample storage for saddle racks, bridle hooks, and shelves. You can make the most of the space you have by using adjustable shelving or modular storage systems to accommodate different equipment sizes. Consider separate storage compartments for each horse or rider, and include lockable cabinets or even lockers to secure items of value.

  • Lighting and Ventilation. Design for both natural and artificial lighting, and ensure proper ventilation to maintain fresh air circulation and prevent moisture build-up, which can damage tack and create unwanted odours.

  • Climate Control. Depending on the climate in your area, consider insulation and temperature control measures, such as insulation panels, fans, or heating systems, to protect equipment and keep you comfy.

  • Flooring and Surfaces. Choose a durable, easy-to-clean flooring material with a non-slip surface.

  • Security. As we all know, tack isn’t cheap so maybe consider installing a secure entry door or security measures like locks, alarms, or video surveillance.

  • Accessibility and Convenience. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be walking a short marathon whenever you want to ride so build your tack room close to the stables.

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