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Site Assessment

Site Assessment

Maybe you have land, or you’re looking to buy a place with land or there’s even a plot for sale adjacent to your existing home, whatever and wherever the land is, immediate factors to consider when looking to construct an equestrian facility include accessibility, prevailing winds, drainage, and proximity to your house. And here’s why:

  • Easy road access is essential for transporting horses, feed, equipment, and for carrying out general maintenance.

  • Understanding prevailing wind patterns will help determine the best location for your equestrian facilities. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be schooling in an area prone to Force 8 winds every morning. Strategic planning will also ensure greater comfort for horse and rider, as well reduce the amount of dust and debris flying around your equestrian paradise.

  • Proper drainage is a must. Building your dream horse home on well-drained land – or implementing appropriate drainage systems – can prevent issues like mud, standing water, and any related health concerns.

  • Having your horse or horses close to home allows for easier monitoring and quick access in case of emergencies, not to mention overall convenience. Besides, who doesn’t want to look out of the kitchen window to see their bestie quietly grazing in the field in front of them?

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