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Other Livery Options

Other Livery Options

While full and DIY livery are the most common options at yards – and the only options in some cases – as a general rule, there are other packages available. As well as part-livery, which is a kind of halfway house between full and DIY, you can pick from an assorted collection of livery options such as assisted, grass, retirement, rehab etc.

If there’s one thing the horse world does well, it’s choice.


Assisted Livery

This is basically a DIY livery with a pay-as-you-go approach to extras. For example, if you get held up at work and need someone to bring in your horse for the night, you can pay the yard staff to do it. It can be an occasional add-on to your livery fee or a regular arrangement. For example, if you simply can’t get there to feed in the morning, the yard staff might take care of it. In short, it’s the flexible option whereby you can expect to receive varying degrees of assistance based on your needs. As ever, the availability of this service will differ from yard to yard.


Part Livery

This is an ever-changing concept with sometimes considerable differences between yards. In theory, part-livery divides the care of your horse between you and the yard staff.  How that care is divided up is where it gets interesting. It could be that yard staff will do the turning out/bringing in, or feeding, or mucking out and you will be responsible for all the rest. It could be that the yard staff will provide full care on weekdays while you provide all the care on weekends. Unlike assisted livery where you pay for certain services as extras, part-livery duties are included in the overall price, which should still be cheaper than full livery.


Grass Livery

With this option, your horse will be outside, in a field or a paddock, and not stabled in the evenings. This is an option for good doers or for horses with an aversion to being indoors, but it can get difficult in winter unless there is an option to take a stable or there’s adequate shelter in the field.


Working Livery

This option is potentially available at livery yards with riding schools whereby your horse contributes to the rent by working.

As a working livery, you will agree to your horse being used in an agreed number of lessons in return for a reduced livery rate. This could be good news if your horse needs the exercise, but you will have no control over who rides your horse.


Retirement Livery

This gives you the full livery package, minus payment for the facilities you won’t be using, such as riding arenas.


Competition Livery

This option is for horse owners involved in equestrian competitions. It’s an extremely specialised service that may include training, exercise, grooming, nutrition management, and transportation to and from events.


Rehabilitation Livery

Not every yard will be able to provide this service, but rehab livery is a great option for horses recovering from injury, surgery, or any other health issue. In most cases, the yards offering this kind of care will be specialists in their field and will therefore have the staff and the facilities needed to aid in the horse's recovery. This may include tailored exercise programmes, veterinary supervision, and additional support for rehabilitation therapies.


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