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Horses At Home

For many of us, having horses at home will seem like an impossible dream. However, if you have the funds, the space, the time – and the architect – it’s an impossible dream that might be within your grasp.

While you can go as grand as you like, if money is no option, it’s possibly not a standard requirement to have climate-controlled stables or baroque-style arenas with crystal chandeliers or Olympic-sized equine swimming pools.

However, splashing the cash on an architect, an equestrian specialist, and a construction expert would probably be a very sound investment.

Saying all that, here are some pointers to set you up for success.

Horse at Home
Site Assessment

There's land and then there's horse land ...

Horse at Home
Design and Permits

Getting your permits in the bag will save you a lot of hassle and possible heartache later ...

Horse at Home
Stable Construction

Size isn't everything, but it's certainly a factor ...

Horse at Home
Tack Room

Practical, serviceable or a walk-in wardrobe for your horse gear. The choice is yours ...

Horse at Home

Too cool for school? Not when you have the perfect arena ...

Horse at Home

Because horses don't respect boundaries ...

Horse at Home

All work and no play - is not the way to keep horses ...

Horse at Home
Water Access

More on water because it’s important ...

Horse at Home
Storage and Manure Management

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it - and that someone will be you ...

Horse at Home
Mounting Block

Because every rider should be able to get on their horse ...

Horse at Home

And finally, make it pretty ...

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