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Horse Feed

Creating and maintaining a balanced diet for your horse should be a piece of cake, only it’s not; it’s fraught with challenges that will be crucial to the overall health and well-being of your horse.

The bottom line is this; every horse is unique and their nutritional requirements may vary depending on their age, weight, metabolism and level of activity.

To ensure a balanced diet for your horse, we recommend an initial consultation with an equine nutritionist or veterinarian who can evaluate your horse's needs and, if necessary, assess the quality of forage available. Yes, that’s a thing because not all forage is created equal.

Another recommendation is to make regular assessments of your horse’s health and condition as this will help identify possible diet-related issues.

MumsHaynet Horse Feed
For Starters

Just in case you didn't think horses were complicated enough, here are some surprising facts about their eating habits...

MumsHaynet Horse Feed
The Basics

Horses are grazing animals, and their digestive systems are designed for continuous forage consumption...

MumsHaynet Horse Feed

The different types of forage available, and what makes one type better than another...

MumsHaynet Horse Feed
Hard Feed

Hard feed is the term for concentrated feeds that are formulated specifically for horses...

MumsHaynet Horse Feed

Brace yourself, this is quite a topic…

MumsHaynet Horse Feed
What Not to Feed

There are actually a number of food items that can be dangerous for horses so it’s worth knowing this list...

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