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If you like gymnastics and dancing and horses, then this is the sport for you.

To keep things simple, equestrian vaulting is a form of acrobatics performed on a horse that is being lunged.

Once again, there’s an ancient military vibe to the beginning of this sport because vaulting dates back to the ancient Romans and Greeks when it was developed as a way for warriors to improve their horsemanship skills and maintain their balance during battle.

Today, vaulting is a more artistic pursuit, and it is one recognised by the FEI with national and international competitions held around the world, including the World Equestrian Games.

When it comes to competitions, competitors can vault as individuals, pairs or teams, and marks are awarded for the ability to perform a series of compulsory movements that showcase strength, flexibility and balance. There are also choreographed freestyle exercises set to music.

Proponents of vaulting say the benefits of this sport for the horse include: physical fitness and conditioning; a sense of trust and bonding with human partners; and suppleness and flexibility. For the rider, the benefits are said to include: improved balance and coordination; body control and core strength; confidence and performance skills; and teamwork,

Clearly, vaulting is no hack in a country park and it should be practiced under the guidance of experienced coaches and trainers only. For more information, visit, or

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