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TREC stands for Techniques de Randonnée Équestre de Compétition and, unsurprisingly, it originated in France.

Combining horsemanship, trail riding, and navigation, TREC competitions offer riders a satisfyingly stimulating experience via a number of challenges on long-distance rides in varied terrain.

TREC competitions typically consist of three phases:

  • Orienteering, which involves navigating a predetermined course using a map and compass – locating checkpoints, whose position is unknown to the competitors, whilst maintaining an average speed between them.

  • Control of Paces, whereby riders are required to maintain a fast walk or slow canter over a given distance up to 150m.

  • Cross-Country Obstacles such as water crossings, banks, and ditches.

TREC competitions are fast growing in popularity around the world thanks to the sport's emphasis on the horse and rider partnership, and because the competitions are incredibly inclusive, allowing riders of varying skills to compete at different levels..

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(Photo courtesy of Dave Cromarty.)

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