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Liberty Training

Liberty Training

Again, this is one of those activities that is perfectly summed up in the name.

Liberty training is all about freedom; working with your horse without any physical constraints such as halters or lead ropes. The focus is on building trust, communication, and developing a deeper connection through body language and subtle cues. This form of training is very much based on an equal partnership, with your horse being free to express its natural behaviours and make its own choices within training sessions.

Liberty training begins with establishing a bond and trust between horse and trainer. This is done through groundwork, positive reinforcement, and creating a safe and positive environment for the horse. To do this effectively requires a certain knowledge of the horse’s body language. A conversation is then built up, with trainers using their own body language and energy to encourage ‘desired behaviours’ in the horse.

There are exercises and movements involved that are designed to promote connection and responsiveness. These can range from leading and following exercises to more advanced manoeuvres, such as circles, figure of eights, changes of direction, and lateral movements.

By rewarding correct responses via treats or praise, the trainer uses positive reinforcement to motivate the horse to want to engage and keep on engaging.

Naturally, Liberty – like all disciplines – takes time to become proficient in, and progress will depend heavily on your horse's temperament, previous experiences, and your own training goals. This might take several months or even years of consistent practice.

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