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The MumsHaynet Story

MumsHaynet was born from two seeds; a throwaway comment during a conversation about one of our young horses – “they grow up so fast” – and another friend’s struggle to find clear and relevant information as she transitioned from horse lover to horse owner.  As some of you will know, there are many fantastic horse sites out there, offering credible and worthwhile information and advice, but these platforms tend to get discovered the more we delve into our chosen equine passions. With MumsHaynet, we wanted to give people immediate access to a broad range of information to help them pursue whichever horse journey they wished to. From the outset, we wanted to showcase different disciplines, ideas and experiences – along with the basics of horse ownership – because most of us who have been in this game for a while will know how passions evolve, sometimes in a direction very far from the one we initially started with.

Because MumsHaynet is an unashamedly inclusive site, at no point will we say ‘this way is better than that way.’ Our role is to show there are options. Another mission objective is to promote greater tolerance, understanding and support within the horse community. We hope this is an objective you will fully embrace when you connect with each other on the forums so that they remain helpful, fun and engaging for everyone. Apart from that, the only other reason we formed the site was so that we could talk endlessly about horses under the pretence of work.

So, welcome to our world. We hope you find what you need here, and much more besides.

Love from,

The MumsHaynet Team

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